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"lalecondelorchidee" is a page to use for your preaching, your exhortations and your personal knowledge.


This page was created to help promote the Word of God from a theologically “right” perspective. If you have questions about a specific topic and don't have an answer, this is where you will find them. After obtaining a baccalaureate in systematic theology and years of reading the Bible and other Christian works, we wanted to share what we had acquired. Some articles are written by lesser known but equally interesting preachers with a desire to share what they have learned.


If you need to develop a sermon, you can come and get inspired by our articles or if you want to write a text on social networks, but do not have sufficient knowledge, this is where you will come to look. So you can use the articles to put them on your page, or use them in parts [1].


The Lesson of the Orchid grew out of a life situation and opened the door to many articles, becoming more specific over time. It wants to be an access for those who have the concern to write "correct" texts and articles according to the Word of God, not according to a culture, an erroneous teaching, a persistent idea without foundations, but always supported at the same time by the Old Testament, the New Testament and the general thought of the Bible and the teachings that Jesus Christ has given us.


Do you have questions for us? Write your question on our Forum or send a private message to this address:


[1] However, beware of plagiarism!Follow the laws in force, cite your sources. It is therefore forbidden to monetize our articles or to appropriate them. 

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