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Merry Christmas !

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Many Christians wonder whether to celebrate Christmas, since it is not the date of Jesus' birth.

The idea is that we don't celebrate the trees, the elves, "a Santa Claus or a Mother Christmas", but we celebrate the birth of Jesus! Many also associate this festival with demons, since it has in fact existed since the dawn of time. It was recognized as a festival of pagan beliefs, for the gods and goddesses of fertility, motherhood, war, the stars, etc. So in this case, how can we see the birth of Jesus in this celebration?

Personally, I find that for once we haven't been "plagiarized" in a bad sense, but on the contrary we have "converted" a pagan festival in a Christian one, we should rejoice! Doesn't the Lord ask us to "reprove satan" what should belong to God and which he stole through the sin of Adam and Eve? In fact, the whole earth and everything in it was to worship God, and we must bring this earth from darkness to His light; soul, nations, culture, custom! That's done; it's a nativity scene that we "planted" in the decor! No one can forget the star that shines in the night of Christmas, to lead the wise men who will adore the child who is born; Jesus!

But, is the birth of Jesus biblical ?

Of course! Let's go read it in Matthew 1.18 to 2.19; La virgin will be with child, she will give birth to a son and he will be called Emmanuel, which means “God with us”.

Christmas is a day of "light". Have you not also noticed that on this day "the light" plays an essential role? Everything is luminous, even those who do not believe are bearers of light, and put it in their homes, on themselves, and who is THE light that illuminates the world, if not Jesus (John 8.12) ?

Isn't this also a day of peace? A truce in wars since forever; And wouldn't it be God's miracle ? If Christmas will no longer be celebrated, no more days of peace in war, no more time where we lower our weapons for a few hours...

A hundred years later, this Christmas truce [...] is described by historians as a parenthesis of humanity and fraternity in what was already a incredible butchery. The opponents played soccer, exchanged beer bottles and cigarettes and sang peace songs. The French film Joyeux Noël, by Christian Carion, recounted this historic episode in 2005. The tacit ceasefires to allow enemies to recover their dead, to obtain supplies or simply to Resting is part of any war, but the Christmas Truce of 1914 went further: it is probably the only occasion in modern history when soldiers defied the orders of their superiors to fraternize with the enemy

And now through Scripture; Notice Paul's exceptional expertise in evangelization. In Acts 17:23 he uses the "unknown god" of this people to announce the coming of Jesus on earth! And we wouldn't? We would not use the gods unknown, but known to unbelievers, to bring the earth to see the birth of Our Only Lord and Savior of humanity?

"For, traveling through your city and considering the objects of your devotion, I even discovered an altar with this inscription: To an unknown god! What you revere without knowing it, that's what I announce to you"

So, in the face of such beautiful evangelization, let us think before not wanting to celebrate the birth of our King of kings. Whatever the day and hour, can we not worship the Lord and celebrate His coming? Can't we take the "unknown god" of the world, to make it known? Can't we "enjoy" to talk about Jesus, sing songs that talk about His coming and what He has done for us? Testify to His great love for all sinners by demonstrating this love through our joy, peace, and goodwill toward all, as He did for us? Don't deprive yourself of an opportunity to talk about Jesus and God. ANNOUNCE THE GOOD NEWS AT ALL TIMES and IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES! (Mark16.15).

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